What Girls Say About Getting Laid – Top Tactics That Work

Girls are always excited about their first dates and there are some of them who are excited about getting laid, too! But sometimes, they like that men should make the first move. Of course, they do not want to give their dates the impression that they are easy to get. Men can be aggressive in their approach and that is not a good strategy on how to get laid effectively. Women like to be showered with attention, make them feel sexy, receive compliments, and be seduced. If you are dating and want to learn how to get laid with good tactics, these tips from the women’s perspectives might help you to hook your date, instantly.

Make a first good impression

Women are very critical about their first dates. Before they finally approve of the idea that they are willing to get laid with their date, they tend to be observant about the behavior of their dates and want to know if they will be comfortable being with him in bed. Your first strategy in getting laid is to learn how to show a first good impression to your date. This is critical, especially when your date is trying to assess you not only physically, but also by your behavior and personality in general. Physical attraction is the initial thing that women usually assess. This implies that you need to look good on your first date, and smell good as well. This will make you look sexy and adorable. Women often cling to this first impression. This makes hooking up with your date much easier.

Show your date that you are a gentleman. This means picking her up from her home and walking her home. In every gesture, you want your date to feel secure whenever she is with you. Be careful not to be too overly protective because women tend to be independent and do not want to feel helpless when they are with their dates. Be a gentleman in moderation, but make sure to make your woman feel secure and safe without removing her ability to make decisions for herself. If you leave a good impression on your date, you are given an opportunity to attract your date to hook up with you, without hesitation.

Shower her with compliments and be sensitive to body language

Women usually spend more time getting ready on their first date. They usually spend a lot of time looking for the best dress on their first dates and probably spent hours looking in the mirror putting on make-up and trying on their wardrobe. Giving compliments on how good she looks is something that women appreciate, considering the time and effort she spent just to impress you. Compliments can go a long way. Many tips on how to get laid will often suggest using compliments as a step in seducing your partner. It is best to take it slow and try not to overdo it as your date will notice it that you are just playing her.

Start complimenting her for her looks, and you can gradually move on to compliment her for her dress and how sexy she looks in it. Observe how she responds to your compliments and be sensitive about the hints she is giving you. Is she flirting back? Does she feel uncomfortable whenever you compliment her body? Her smiles can also show some signs that she is open about getting laid. Sometimes women do not want to say it, but usually show it through their body language, so be sensitive and recognize these signs as an opportunity to respond and get laid successfully.

Plan ahead and be ready about getting laid

Women usually express their preference for their date to choose the place of where to hook up. If you are already certain that your date is open about the idea of sleeping with you, it is necessary to plan ahead. Men like to be in charge of everything, but women usually like to be in control on whether to sleep with their date or not. They like men who really prepare on the place of where to take them to make them feel special, especially in bed. The best tactic about how to get laid is learning how to improve your taste when selecting places of where to take your date for a hookup. If things go well, chances are, she will be willing to do it with you over again.

Taking your date to your own place is a good idea, but some women prefer to do it in some other places because they want to avoid the feeling of commitment during the first time of sleeping together. It is best to ask your date where she wants  to do it, and have a game plan ahead of time in case she choose to do it at your place, her place, or somewhere else. It is a matter of preparation and this will help you to look for a place that will make her feel secure and comfortable in case she wants to do it somewhere else.

Women like to connect on a personal level

Women usually like men who are able to connect with them beyond the physical level. If there is one important thing to learn about how to get laid, it is not to think about getting laid as your first priority. If you push the issue to your date, you are actually sabotaging your opportunity of getting laid in the first place. Women are very vocal about finding men a big turn off whenever they show eagerness to take her into bed. Men who are willing to show some interest about something personal is more of a preference for dating women. Getting more intimate with your date can help you work your way into getting laid. By showing interest in something personal will give her a good impression and that you see her beyond her body. It will make her more interested in sleeping with you.

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