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Gay dating has been widely accepted in almost all parts of the world and today, there are thousands of gay dating sites that cater to these individuals. A few of these sites are designed towards long-term relationships, whereas the best sex dating sites are geared to laid-back hookups.

The list of legitimate gay dating sites is not so large. Most sites don’t have the qualities to be one of the best sex dating sites. It’s either they don’t have many members to hook up with or they are just after your money. Sometimes, when you sign up to some of these sites, your computer gets infected by a spyware, sooner or later; you’ll discover that your credit or debit card has been hacked. Thus, it is very salient to research about the dating site first before deciding to join to avoid being scammed.

There are still a few of these gay dating sites that seem to be legit. And when it comes to these kinds of sites, one name stands out – This gay dating site dubs itself as the best matchmaking site for gay guys looking to have a relationship or for gay men who just want to have sex. Based on our research, is without a doubt, one of the best sex dating sites for gay hunks.


Why Join

The Awards

For starters, has garnered a lot of awards over the years. These include the following:

  • Voted as 2011 #1 Casual Dating Site by Online Dating Council
  • Certified 2012 Best Gay Dating Site by
  • Highest Success Rate by Internet
  • People’s Choice Award by Dating Review Council

There are countless reasons why was given such awards. Definitely, they have something great in store for every gay man out there. We did a review of this site and we will lay them down for you, from pricing, features, and even some advice that you can follow so that you can be successful in finding your perfect match at, which is one of the best sex dating sites for gay men.  So, continue reading on.

The Members is obviously exclusive to gay men, no straight men or women are allowed on this site. It is a heavily trafficked gay dating site wherein more than 50% of members are from the United States, but you can find members all over the world.

The Customer Support

When we were on the verge of trying this gay dating website, we wanted to know how far the customer support would go in answering the queries of members of their site. Well, they are prudent enough to answer all of our questions. Their help page was very helpful regarding our technical questions about the page. This makes it a lot easier for people to navigate and access all the features of

The Features

  • Profile Creation urges its members to create their profile to be as extensive as possible, without the need of sharing your personal information. A member can upload as many photos as he wants. You see, studies show that people who upload more photos to the best sex online dating sites are more likely to be contacted. Hence, if you want a lot of sex with a hot gorgeous guy, then it’s high time for you to join the site and upload most of your sexy photos.


  • Video Chats

What is greater than chatting with other members through a video chat? This awesome feature of this gay dating site allows gay men to interact with their matches first through video chat before meeting them up close and personal. It is a good way for you to decide whether you are going to turn to offline banging or not.

  • Membership Plans

Like many best sex dating sites, offers 3 membership plans. You can avail the Basic membership for free – this allows you to create a profile, view members and send invitations. The second membership plan is the Silver. In this plan, you are able to avail all features and send friend requests to another member and interact with them. Gold members have the VIP access to all the great features of the website, and they are listed above all the other members in the search results. Moreover, they have a free access to the “Gold Room”, the largest internet porn site. The membership fees are very affordable, and it is such a small amount to pay for hot sex!

  • Newsfeed has a Newsfeed exclusively for members. You can be updated with what your fuck buddy is up to and track them down whether they are up for a regular sex or you can view other gorgeous members and interact with them and set up an offline bang.

How to Join

As long as you are 18 years and above, you can join any of the best sex dating sites. So, in joining this gay dating site, as long as you are not a minor, you can have fun with gays of all ages who are looking to have a good time. All you have to do is…

First, decide on who you are looking forward to meeting. has diversified choices. You can choose all kinds of gay men who suit your taste. You can choose from the following:

  • Athletic
  • Bear
  • Average
  • Daddy
  • Twink

Then, after you have chosen the kind of gay man that you want to meet, you will be directed to the next page. On this page, you will be asked to answer some questions, such as what is your age and location, your email address and, of course, your screen name.

Then after filling up the form and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will receive a confirmation email that will direct you to the site. Then you can start connecting with the members and start banging hot gay men, anytime you want. It is simple as that, so what are you waiting for? Check out this site.

The Advice – Be Aggressive

When it comes to best sex dating sites like the competition is very high, especially if the guy you are interested in is very attractive. For sure, he has been receiving a lot of messages from other men. Don’t take too long to ask him out, otherwise you’ll end up in the dust. Be aggressive and score a hookup. Let him know how much you are into him and ask him for a meet up as soon as possible.

What We Love About 

The most awesome thing we love about is the number of hot members on the site, which is one of our bases for choosing the best sex dating sites. This comes in handy when you are looking for a hook up for the night. The possibility is high, and you won’t get laid with just an ordinary looking gay man, but attractive ones. You see, when you want nothing more than a hookup, then physical attraction is obviously important, right?

We were truly convinced that the easiest way to find a gay casual sex is through and guess what, if you are looking for someone you want to have a serious relationship with, you can find gay men who are after that as well. But choose wisely, because most will sign-up only for the sake of sex, which is great if you are only after a one night stand or friends with benefits.

What We Hate About 

Although the Basic membership allows you access to some basic features, it will only get you laid a few times. If you want a lot of sex, you cannot stay on the basic membership plan forever. You have to upgrade to at least the Silver membership, which means you have to spend some extra bucks. This may be hard for some people who don’t want to spend money when it comes to this stuff. But if you want to take advantage of the best sex dating sites in general, you have to spend some money.

Our Final Verdict

The presence of gay online dating sites has created a platform for gay men to get a dose of hookups without being ridiculed by heterosexuals. This has become an avenue for gay men looking for someone of the same sex to hook up with. The rise of gay dating sites has been very abrupt over the years. And with the competition being very tight, is still on the lead.  is a high-quality dating website with many gorgeous hot members. Having a casual sex with gay men is easy, it just takes you to be a member on the site, hold a conversation with attractive men, and be aggressive enough to ask them out for a meet up. For every gay guy out there, there is always someone perfect for you on this gay dating site. So, when it comes to our verdict, this site is ranked number one in the gay dating site category. But due to its exclusivity – men dating men, we ranked this site as number 3 on our list of best sex dating sites.

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