Get Laid in Seven Steps

A question asked by thousands of men out there is “How do I get laid?”. They seemed to be anxious to get a grip of the so-called “uber ultimate tactics” on how to get laid in every possible way and that includes via online. The birth of online dating sites made it easier for men and women to have fun, engage in casual sex, and try out different relationships until they find their perfect mates. These men worry about the whole seduction plot and fret about how to bang these women in real life. Essentially, there is a simple step by step procedure on getting laid and the secret to a successful sexual conquest is to follow the right process. How does it work?

First, you have to start signing up for legitimate online dating sites. There are hundreds of legit online dating sites with attractive girls on it that cater your very own preference. You can try one or even multiple dating sites if you can afford to do so.

Second, make your online dating profile interesting. Put some sort of sexual innuendo in your username, but not too overly sexual that you’ll sound like a horny mule. Choosing a good username can be a lot trickier than you think. Be good at something, may it be in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, or even ventriloquism. Everyone is definitely talented at something, unless, of course, you’re that boring. Just kidding! The concept of peacocking is long-held to be a recipe for success so make an impression with those talents. But, if you peacock too much, they might see you in a different light and their interest in you might be lost. Thus, it is unnecessary to exaggerate your description. Ultimately, you can never be sure that everyone is going to like you no matter what you say or write. Worse, they might doubt your genuity because you sound so perfect. Be funny, be quirky, be witty, be sexy, but the most important thing is just to be yourself!

Third, post an enticing picture of yourself. This is probably the most critical part of the presentation. Sixty percent of what girls look for is all about your exterior. It is indeed a superficial world so you have to accept that just like you, girls are also suckers for hot, gorgeous, and attractive males, so being attractive is one of the most important things. Sure, it helps to have soul-piercing eyes, a chiseled jawline, and those mouth-watering six pack abs like Channing Tatum; however, best here could mean posting a photo of you wearing your sexy smile. If you have a good body, show it off! The thing is, use a picture that communicates that you are sexy. Just make sure that what you’re posting accurately represents yourself. You would not want to get into trouble in the future, do you? Besides, attraction isn’t about being liked. She doesn’t have to like you to sleep with you. To like someone and to be attracted to them are two separate things and neither is a prerequisite for the other.

Moving on to the fourth step: engage in a conversation. It is helpful to have a few ideas about what topics to converse in. You can read the profiles of these women and have an idea about their likes and interests and start to talk from there. You can add some humor too. Girls are just simply attracted to guys like that. Being too serious will definitely scare them off. They look for men who know how to have fun and are not counting down the days until they get them in their bed in their birthday suits. You can talk about the things that she likes or you can freely talk about everything that comes to your mind. When they are already comfortable with you, that’s the time that you change your game plan and climb to the next level. It’s all about the right timing dudes! The nicer you are, the more chance you’ll have with a girl. Similarly, if you’re a complete asshole, you’ll also have less chance with a girl. The key is finding that right balance between the bad boy and the nice-guy type of guy. This is your game, so play on it!

The fifth step on how to get laid is the meet-up. This is to know her more and hopefully, to start doing the more adult and “practical” things. Invite her in a cozy place, buy her dinner or maybe a drink. If you are rich, you can assess if she’s a gold digger or not. A girl who offers to pay is likely not one. This will go a long way if you ever decide to get serious. Of course, you have to decline her offer because you are a man, and this is how the world works. You can also bring flowers or gifts – be smooth! To charm her, you don’t have to be a complete cheeseball. Know how to compliment her. Just be natural and mean what you say. If you’re not confident with your looks, don’t worry about it. Besides, she won’t be accepting your invitation if she has no interest to meet you. Don’t smell like a homeless man, and pop in a breath mint every now and then. Sometimes, practicing proper grooming habits is enough. Girls are looking for an excuse to sleep with you so cleaning up nicely could be that excuse. Be attentive! Listen to what she has to say and learn as much as you can. Try to ask follow-up questions and keep the conversation going. This way, she would feel that you care and she will be flattered by that.

The sixth step is to create a sexual vibe. Lock eyes, fill up that second with an assertive intensity, but then look away and go back to doing whatever it is you were just doing. Position your body in a way that shows interest on your part, but do so in a way that doesn’t completely give her the upper hand. If you are interacting with a girl one on one, remember, there are no rules as to who is “above” the other. You are both potentially interested, so it’s simply a matter of leveraging that interest that makes you look as awesome as possible. Get her attracted, seduce your way into, turn her on and make her want you now! You might be surprised that you are already kissing her within seconds or minutes. More than anything, you have to believe that you are going to get laid, or that you at least can pull it off. The power of positive thinking is real!

The last and probably the most important step on how to get laid is to not make it a big deal. There is no 100 percent rate of success when it comes to the pursuit of getting laid. The night could end with you going home with just a peck on the cheek and a sweet goodbye and it could fall short of your expectations. But, you have to pick up your broken pieces and get your head back in the game. Don’t let failure ruin your life or even deter you from having fun. There are still a lot of girls out there and you will have to do some trial and error to see what works best for you.

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