Zoosk.com Review: Are the Matches Really Real?

Zoosk.com Review: Are the Matches Really Real?


Zoosk.com is one of the largest social networking sites and online dating apps to date. This is being promoted on every social media network which allows members to seamlessly connect across multiple platforms.  Millions of registered users, called Zookers across the world from more than 80 countries can meet using the Internet, their mobile phones, Facebook and other popular services. This has made them belong to the best sex dating sites, as they say. Although Zoosk is not the oldest dating site on the scene, it rapidly became one of the most popular dating sites. And the site is available in 25 languages and has subscribers from all around the world.


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Zoosk’s unique behavioral matchmaking is not a good engine to use. Although, there are no lengthy questionnaires to be answered, but the long process of their behavior and preferences matchmaking makes the user bored and uninterested. They are using the information they gathered as they interact with their potential matches. This is very time-consuming, as many things are asked. It seems like the site does not believe in the saying, ‘Time is Gold’. Don’t get me wrong; this site is doing a background check on everything in your life. Sharing personal information to each member you interact with isn’t that good! Well, I think it is very creepy. The site offers a unique ZSMS matching system, but full access to ZSMS features are not included for free membership. A site that belongs to the best sex dating sites must allow the members to have a full access to their features in order for the member to be satisfied. You are going to have a hard time meeting the free profile matches unless you pay for it.


For the initial sign up in Zoosk.com, you need to download a Zoosk Messenger app in order to chat with your friends. It seems like the website has a special application for everything. In connection with this chat application, it is hard for those members who are not well updated on this world of digital technology. It means a lot for them. You are lucky enough if you installed this chat app for you to get online and check who sends you messages. If you did not subscribe then you couldn’t chat, respond to chats, or email.  On behalf of the aged members out there, I must say it really takes a lot of our time while installing these unimaginative ideas. Why waste our time with this application if we can still find another website that really belongs to the best sex dating sites with ease, and has user-friendly features compared to this website. There is a very obvious flaw in the entire making of this website. You cannot respond to messages unless you pay for the website. The self-claiming best sex dating site is where the sales come first, but the truth never comes! That’s what Zoosk is, in my own opinion.



If you want to boost your Popularity then you need to purchase the Boost View and use these special features to make you stand out from other members and to get noticed on Zoosk. If not, then you are not popular! What the heck are they? Again, each Boost costs you 20 coins, so here is the coin breakdown for you to know that this site is offering too expensive freebies.

50 coins = $5

250 coins = $20

750 coins = $50


Zoosk membership prices are too expensive. A one-month subscription to the website is $29.95, almost $30. And if you sign up for a six-month subscription, it will cost you a lot of money, is it really worth your cash?


One of the biggest drawbacks of Zoosk.com is that you won’t be able to chat with anyone unless you have signed up to the paid membership, which may disappoint those who are not paying for a slightly above average type of profile. And you are going to have a hard time meeting the free profile matches unless you pay, too. This means that as a general rule, the chance of you actually hearing back from the people you like is impossible. With regards to their customer service, it appears to be one of the biggest problems of Zoosk.com. When you’re in a business, if you want to be called one of the best sex dating sites, customer service should always be on top of your concern. Well, not on this website.  According to many reviews that came up from the internet as well as from personal experience, their queries are not responded to and were just ignored or just being answered with a generic message that doesn’t make any sense. Zoosk.com claims that they are one of the best sex dating sites, which is really impossible since customer service is one of their biggest problems.


Because customer service is one of the biggest things that members of Zoosk comment about, I would highly discourage everyone not to join the website. According to many reviews that we have come across on the internet, as well as on personal experience, their customer service seems to be at all-time low. How would you feel if your queries are not responded to, ignored, or just being answered with a generic message that doesn’t make sense to the query itself? The website is a snag and is not appropriate to be called one of the best sex dating sites. You want to know, as a consumer of everything, whether it is a legit dating package or not, that your words are being heard, and bad customer service generally means worse service in general! We’re sort of thinking that Zoosk.com is a total scam. It is definitely not something we will recommend to anyone because it is a website that takes away a lot of money from your pocket, while lacking proficient service. They are not worthy to be called a top dating site. I suggest that you start looking for much better sites because Zoosk is simply a waste of time and money!

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