With millions of people signing up every day, online dating platforms such as Tinder, Let’s Date and the others have enabled more men to know how to get laid the easier way and find casual sex partners who are on the same page as you. The ease involved in talking to hundreds or even thousands of women at one time without investing too much emotion or effort is allowing men to find at least one person to hook up with. This hook up online trend has been going on now and it does not even show a slight sign of slowing down. How does one learn how to get laid through online dating? Well, the answer really boils down to how you create the perfect online dating profile. However, truth be told, there is no such thing as a “perfect profile”. Girls will read and browse your dating profile, and will look for men who fit their very own fantasies. When they like what they read, there is a high chance of being able to converse, flirt and eventually hook up.

Aiming to get laid via online is not an easy thing. The search could be long and tedious, not to mention costly and time-consuming. But, it could get easier if you know what you are doing. To ensure a promising pursuit of happiness, you have to do good in the initial stages specifically in making your online dating profile an attractive one. Online dating is all about presentation. It does not really matter what you say. It all comes down to what pictures you post and how you build up your profile. What’s good about online dating is that you can present to the opposite sex your strengths and focus on those qualities to attract them. Women want to find someone cool, sexy, funny, intelligent, interesting, and fun to be around with. In short, an almost-perfect male species. Below are a few options on how to present yourself on your hook up/dating profile.


As a start, you can be the cool guy every single girl yearns for. Being cool doesn’t mean that you have to be the sweetest, most caring, sensitive and the only hopelessly romantic male alive. This type could become so boring sometimes. Most often, nice guys don’t get laid. I am not suggesting that you become the complete opposite of “Mr. Nice Guy” and be a jackass. That’s not going to get you laid either. You just have to avoid portraying the boring, nice guy. You should look like the cool guy you are talking about in your profile. Put an amazing portfolio showing how “cool” you are. Show pictures of you engaging in interesting activities like skydiving, riding a big bike, skiing or traveling to different tourist destinations. Take a selfie wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses or your latest summer hairstyle. The concept of coolness is not fixed when it comes to women. Their conception of a man being “cool” is based on their wide variety of fantasies. Ultimately, the sky is the limit!


Letting women know your interests, talents and what you really want from them is a good way of showing how confident you can be. Don’t say you are not sure of what you’re looking for as this shows a sign of a person lacking confidence. But, be careful with choosing this identity. Everyone loves someone who knows his capabilities, but nobody likes someone who overly does it. Don’t keep the conversation concentrated on you, women might find you arrogant and annoying, you know. Also, being confident is knowing what to say at the right moment, not dominating the conversation and learning how to be a good listener. Waiting for the right moment to make a comment usually leads to a great result.


Be playful and get goofy! Do not be afraid to post a few lines, or pictures showing your funny side. Moreover, being funny, isn’t all about making fun of others. Just don’t go overboard and post a bunch of pictures with you making a silly face every time. It is enough to show a few shots of yourself, being funny and playful. One thing clear is women can’t help but be attracted to funny guys. Looks may fade over the years, your hair may turn gray, but sense of humor will never go out of style.


There is a thin line dividing between sexy and too-good-to-be-true pictures so you have to be careful in posting about what you deemed to be sexy. There is nothing wrong with showing your beautiful physique to the online community, but you have to package your photo such that it is sexy and decent at the same time. Women tend to be more comfortable with the types that show decency rather than those types that are suggestive of aggressiveness and dominance. Your other pictures should communicate the same things – that you are sexy! And while online dating can be a great way to meet women who share your particular sexual preferences, be very vigilant in choosing photos that you’re putting up. There’s nothing wrong with having “naked” fun, but keep in mind that other people could freely access the internet. Think before you click!


Girls have different fantasies and this includes having an intelligent guy on her list. You can post a couple of inspirational quotes, metaphors, or maybe even a witty remark about some issue. You can also throw in the list of your favorite books and post a picture of you looking a little bit sharp and geeky. Cleverness is also attractive and for some women, sexy.

In the end, it is in your hands to put forward the version of yourself that’s most attractive to the person you’re trying to bang. Be as appealing as possible. You can try a trial and error and see which one works best for you. The important thing for your profile is that it is enticing and it sends a clear message of who you are and what you want. Photos must be consistent with what you communicate. Present accurate pictures that coincide with what you are writing –that you are cool, funny, sexy or the brainy type. Sell yourself!

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