Top Reasons Why You Don’t Get Laid On Your Dates

Some men are lucky enough to get laid on their dates, while you are just not lucky enough. Isn’t that frustrating? You probably think that something is wrong with you and that you are just not adorable enough for women to find attractive to sleep with. But mind you, there are many men out there who are not good looking, but manage to hook with every date they have. Don’t you find that unfair? Of course you do, but let me help you understand that it is not about your physical appearance that actually defines your chances about getting laid. There is more about getting laid that you probably need to learn in order to successfully get yourself sleeping with your dates.

You are dating the wrong girls

This is one of the common loopholes of men dating and wanting to get laid, but failed. If you want to get laid quicker, it is important to pick up the hot girls in town who are just as eager on sleeping with their date as you are. If you choose the wrong date, let’s say someone who is conservative, then you have to prepare yourself to do the most painstaking process of courtship before you can finally hook up with her. This type of women usually wants to take it slow and is giving importance to the emotional connection, more than physical attraction. While you can get them to sleep with you, you will probably experience a long wait and patience is a virtue in this aspect. If you don’t have patience, then the best way on how to get laid is to look for a date who is hot and game to be hooked on your date.

Finding women whom you can easily sleep with is easy. Online dating sites offer a solution to the man’s predicament about finding a date to sleep with. There are dating sites whose members are always ready to get hooked up. You can also talk to your online date about the idea of getting laid and see how she responds. If your date is playing hard to get, it is your call whether to pursue her or not. This is the beauty of online dating. You have so many choices of sexy girls to date online and to sleep with. If you want to find a good solution on how to get laid quicker, use online dating services and you will find yourself overwhelmed with hot dates to sleep with.

You are not sexy enough

Men often find the word “sexy” on the physical level only. This is a common pitfall for dating men who spend more time trying to look good physically, but failed to make a game plan on how to hook his date on a different level. Women tend to melt on their feet, not only based on the physical look of their dates. How you carry yourself in front of them, the self-confidence that you show, and your gentlemanly gestures are something “sexy” in the eyes of women. Showing exceptional concern to your date can also impress her, and it makes you look sexy to her. You see, there are many tactics that you can apply on how to get laid without giving too much emphasis to your look. But, of course, it is also crucial to look good by wearing clean clothes, and you must smell good, too! Present yourself with the best package and compliment it with a loving and tender gesture that will surely make you attractive to your date.

You express yourself as boyfriend material

Finding a serious date is one thing, while finding a date to sleep with is another. Men who want to hook up with their dates  always keep this principle in mind. If you want to learn how to get laid more effectively, you must convey the right message to your date. There are women who are also looking for the same sexual adventure as you do, but when you express yourself as boyfriend material, you are sending the wrong message to your date, who probably wants to avoid serious dates and commitments.

In order to attract sexually ready dates, you must show the right message to your date. Women often profile men in three categories. First, as mister nice guy who is boyfriend material. Second, as the player who is someone viewed as worth chasing for being a potential boyfriend. And third, as a sexual partner. The best tips on how to get laid include expressing yourself by the third category. This will easily help you find someone who is just as good of a sexual partner as you are.

Express your sensuality

Your date probably doesn’t get physically attracted to you because you failed to show your sensual side. When you are out on a date with getting laid in mind, finding the right date who is ready to go all the way is not enough. You should also learn how to be seductive by how you look and by your gestures. Male dating experts suggest to “sell” yourself to your date by wearing something sensual that will bring out your sex appeal. You must be able to learn to touch your date sensually in a subtle way to seduce her. If you are unsure how your date will respond to your sensual gestures, make sure to do it discreetly at first, taking it slow and gentle.

If you don’t hook up on your first date, follow-up with your date by maintaining your sensual side. This can do the trick. You can do this by texting her things like “hey sexy,” or “you want to do something sexy tonight?” This will also help tell whether your date means serious business or if she wants to play along with your sensually enticing messages. This is one bold move that you can learn and will help with getting laid, without the  disappointment from your date.

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