– This Site Contains Naked Pictures of Someone You Know! And You Can Contact Them 100% Free for Life – This Site Contains Naked Pictures of Someone You Know! And You Can Contact Them 100% Free for Life

There are a lot of niches on online dating sites available today and the idea behind this is to meet people with similar interests – and in this case, we are after the best sex dating sites to find attractive people who are up for some hot sex. There are a lot of these kinds of sites available for everyone; all you have to do is choose the right one for you. Know what sexual needs you have and search for the best sex dating sites that will hook you up with your perfect match.

Many of these best sex dating sites have a reputation of having a lot of hot singles, exciting married players, and open-minded people who are not seeking for anything other than romantic pure fun, and amorous dating.  These members are more than willing to explore sexual fantasies and fetishes with no strings attached to other people on the site. This is an exciting way to put some color into your sex life. So, if you are not getting laid lately, you’d better join an adult dating site.

If you are confused with which site to join, our team had been trying to experience the best sex dating sites first-hand for quite some time. One of the sites that we had tried is We were intrigued with their offer because they guarantee that with the Silver or Gold membership, we will get laid within 100 days of using the site, otherwise, we can use the site for free for the next 100 days. Actually, 100 days is a long time. Nevertheless, the offer seems promising, so we decided to join the site.

The name of this sex dating site says it all. If you are trying to find some XXX action, then this might be the right place for you. Be on alert, however, there are some things you have to be aware of. To know the truth about this site, read on.


The Truth about 

  • Layout and Design – The Guided Tour is an exceptional site. Just by mere landing on their home page, you are bound to be stimulated. There are literally hundreds of hot nude photos that will keep your mind running wild. What is even more awesome is the guided tour by a super-hot chick, who gets more naked and asks sexually provoking questions as you go on with the tour.

From the home page you can easily see all the available features; you don’t need to be a genius to figure everything out, because the site is set in an easily navigable format to make getting laid a lot faster. What can we say; the brains behind this site really know what they are doing.

  • Signing Up and Memberships

With a hot chick as a tour guide, you are sure to sign up. The process is so fun and easy. Just by answering a few questions such as to who you are (you can choose from the following options: Man, Woman, Couple or Transsexual), your birth date, your ideal hook up location (country, state/province and city) and your sexual preferences, you will be able to enjoy their basic membership.

Just like any other best sex dating sites, if you want to ‘unlock’ and get access to their amazing features, you have to upgrade your membership. Otherwise, it will be frustrating not to interact with the attractive person you want to get laid with. Below are the inclusive features offered at different levels of membership:

Basic Membership

Just by signing up, you get to avail the basic membership which includes basic searches, creating your profile and uploading your sexy photos and videos to attract other members on the site. You can also send other members invitations for an offline hookup.

Silver Membership

For $1.95 (3-day trial), $29.95/month (one-month membership) or $13.38/month (3 months membership) you get to access all basic membership features and more. You can maintain a friends list, access chat rooms, message boards and dozens of features, do advanced searches and you will be prioritized in search results over the basic members.

Gold Membership

Of course, with the gold membership, you will be able to access the basic and the silver membership features and a lot more. For $1.95 (3-day trial), 29.95/month (one-month membership), $23.32 (3-month membership) or the ultimate $12.50/month (1 year membership) you can do complete advanced searches, access more than a dozen of features and you will be able to watch hundreds of full-length sex videos. We guarantee you, with this type of membership you will connect with numerous members, so this means you’ll have a lot of great sex.

The type of membership is for you to decide upon based on how often you want to get laid. You can hook up with as many people as you want to when you avail Gold membership (which we did). Remember, the difference between a successful hook up on the best sex dating sites and a night alone is simply, showing up.


  • The Pool of Members

Whatever sexual fantasies and fetishes you have, you are sure to find someone to fulfill it with. There are a lot of reasons why this site is one of the best sex dating sites. One is the number of diversified members. There are millions of members looking for sex encounters. It is just so amazing that there are millions of horny people from around the world.

You can find singles, married men and women, and even couples who are willing to share a sex rendezvous with you. Even if you want to explore an interracial night of fun – Asian, Ebony, African-American and the like, then is the perfect place for you.

  •  Other Features

There are plenty of things to do when you log in to Besides web chatting, instant messaging and video calls, you can participate in discussion boards, online forums, or read the pages of dating and sex tips and ideas. And if you want to be further stimulated, you can watch full-length XXX videos or members movies. The experience we had on this site is simply amazing, we urge you to try it.

The Advice

When we created our profile, we were able to access the members’ area. There are a lot of gorgeous members and hot bodies to get laid with. But you have to make it fast. The competition is tight, especially when it comes to hooking up with the attractive, hot, sexy ladies on the site – you have to make some aggressive moves, otherwise someone will get ahead of you and you will be left in the dust. If you wish to connect with more attractive ladies on you have to pay for a full membership, which means you have to spend a few bucks. But looking at the bright side of it, at least you get to use the features such as the web chat and video calls to know whether the one you are interacting with is for real. Besides, having these kind conversations will let you have a sneak peek on what to expect once you do the sex thing, right?

What We Love about

The mere fact that the website’s layout is full of nudity and a hot chick guiding you with the tour, it gets anyone steaming up for hot sex. After all, this is what is all about – SEX! And with the large number of members – singles and copulating couples who can line up and meet in real life, makes it possible for anyone to get laid anytime or anywhere they want to.

The features that this sex-dating site offers are so helpful in connecting with members. Hooking up is as easy as 123. All you have to do is sign up, connect with the member you want to get laid with, lay down your intentions and then schedule a sex meet up. If you want more hookups, just repeat the process. It is simple as that. Overall, is awesome. With everything that this site has to offer and the numerous members willing to have some fun and discreet banging, is definitely one of the best sex dating sites to hook up with someone.

Our Final Verdict

With all the websites we tried, we ranked at number 6. The site’s landing page is so awesome and the whole set up is so hot that it always got us in the mood for hook ups and wild banging. We are able to connect and hook up with real members who are willing to have some XXX action, and we guarantee you, whatever sexual fantasies you have in mind you can make it come true with the help of this sex dating site. With all the intentions set straight upon signing up, this made it easy for us to lay down what we want to do with other members. Everyone on the site is up to the same thing – Sex!

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