XPress.com – Meeting People is Easy!

XPress.com – Meeting People is Easy!

Whether you are a straight man or woman, gay, or lesbian, having someone to get laid with is a necessity. You have to admit that sex is really good, especially if it is a mind blowing one. With the kind of lifestyle most people have today, it is kind of hard to go out to find a person to hook up with. It is a good thing that online dating sites are made available to us.

If you are on the lookout for a relationship or just someone to get down and dirty with, the choice of online dating sites matters. You wouldn’t want to get scammed in anyway, would you? There are virtually hundreds, if not thousands of these kinds of sites, some of them are categorized as one of the best sex dating sites. It can be quite overwhelming and confusing when you are faced with the dilemma of choosing the right site for you. We know how it feels. So our team, a group of six guys, tried the best sex dating sites first-hand today.

One of the sites that we tried for over a three-month period is XPress.com. We heard a lot of good things as well as a bunch of hype about this site. Guess what we discovered? We had a knockout result like what we had on the other adult dating sites and we definitely recommend XPress.com if you want some casual sex. Some of the girls that we encountered are more liberated and are also up for a good time, like we were. However, some are rearing for a relationship. In short, XPress.com is a dating site as well as a sex dating site. Do you get what I am trying to point out? Nevertheless, you have to check out some of their great features.



  • The Online Emissary is by far, one of the unique features of this site. An attractive virtual woman interacting with you while you are navigating the site makes it more entertaining for a user. It is quite fascinating, but of course she is still a computer generated character, so don’t hit on her.
  •  To increase your chances of getting laid on best sex dating sites such as XPress.com, there is an arsenal of tools you can use besides uploading a profile photo. You can use the video profile, instant messaging, video chatting and interactive chat rooms, but, of course, the access to these features depends on the type of membership you have.
  • There is a decent ratio of girls who are ready to party and get laid. Sometimes, they are even wilder than we are. The ladies on the site are not ordinary and they are not cheap either. In fact, some of them are sophisticated ladies and very mysterious in certain ways. It can be quite exciting in getting to know them in bed.
  • This site boasts that they have millions of members. Admittedly, we saw some attractive ladies online. They are as good if not better than the other adult dating sites we have used.
  • Like any other best sex dating sites, the basic membership is free. But it won’t get you laid as often as you want to. You have to pay extra bucks to upgrade your membership. Don’t worry, XPress.com does not charge as much as other sites do. You don’t have to break the bank just to hook up.
  • XPress.com offers an automatic search feature that is designed to make your search a lot easier. All you need to do is enter the characteristics of the person you want to hook up with. Although, we did not rely much on this because it is not 100% accurate.
  • The site has a great searching capabilities and chatting with girls was really awesome. The ladies on the site are beautiful, they are just as good if not better than other adult dating sites. And connecting with them was made easy through instant video chatting.

How to Hook Up with Someone

  • Join the Site

Common sense always prevails. Before you can find someone to hook up with, of course you need to sign up. Signing up on XPress.com is easy compared to other best sex dating sites. There is a virtual lady that will assist you in the process. All you need is a valid email address and a user name. If you want to access to the features offered on this site and get better chances of getting laid, you need to spend some cash. We urge you to upgrade your membership to either silver or gold to get some steamy encounters, otherwise, you have less chances of connecting with attractive women if you opt for the basic membership.

  • Snoop Around

After you have signed up and upgraded your membership, you have to snoop around the site and search for the type of women you want to have fun with. There are quite a few girls you can interact with on the basic membership, but there is no guarantee that they are also up to what you want – which is sex. Upgrading your membership, on this site or other best sex dating sites works to your advantage. So you really have to consider it.


  • Throw the Bait! 

After you have chosen the ladies you want to get laid with, it is time for you to throw the bait. Message as many women as you can – the more the merrier, the better chances of having a hookup. Connecting with many women through messaging works on this site, as well as all the best sex dating sites. In addition to this, the instant video chat makes it possible to connect with ladies that catch your interest. Connecting with them through this avenue helps you avoid being scammed. At least you’ll be able to know if the women you’re interacting with are for real or just another scam artist.

  • Interact Accordingly

Once you have received a reply, or the woman accepted your invitation to video chat, start building a rapport. Be sure to communicate your intentions in the right time. As what was mentioned, some of the girls here are either looking for a relationship or just want to have fun. Get the sense of what the lady also wants. And when you are certain that all she wants is sex just like you do, then be bold and tell your intentions. Don’t beat around the bush and waste your time, as well as hers.

  • Ask for a Meet Up and Get Laid

As soon as you both agreed on your mutual intention – that is to have sex. Set up a meeting and get laid. Should I say more? Oh, by the way, if you want some more hookups, get back to the other ladies whom you contacted or who contacted you and repeat the process, of course you don’t have to sign up anymore, just proceed to the snooping around or the throwing the bait stage.

What We Love about XPress.com

Whether you are a straight guy or a lady, a lesbian or gay, XPress.com is perfect for you. The members are diversified and you have a lot of choices depending on the taste you have. The features make it possible for anyone to have more sex, so it is worth it to upgrade your membership so that you can take advantage of all the amazing things this site has to offer. We had great experiences on this site and we admit that we had some unforgettable hard-pounding sexual action.

The ladies on this site are pretty open to wild activities compared to other sites and most of our offline dates were ready to take it all the way, but a few wanted to have more than a sexual relationship. But don’t fret, the ratio of ladies who wanted to get laid is far more than the ones who wanted a serious relationship. Finding a fuck buddy had never been fun and exciting and we will definitely be back on this site for more hookups.

Our Final Verdict

Based on our experiences, we are 100 percent sure that XPress.com is legit. Joining this site was worth it, we had all the party that a sex dating site could ever offer. With the number of members willing to take it all the way, you’ll have different kind of sexual experiences, guaranteed! The diversified members allow you to have variety and remember variety is a spice of life. So opt for the best sex dating sites such as XPress.com and we promise you that you won’t have any regrets.

XPress.com is ranked number 4 on our list of best sex dating sites. You can get laid on this site, just make sure to be clear on your intentions right from the very start. Although most members are up for casual sex, a few are after a serious relationship. Nevertheless, with the large numbers of members, you are sure to find plenty of friends with sexual benefits.

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