Flirt Naughty Review: Fake Profile, I wish you were true!

Flirt Naughty Review: Fake Profile, I wish you were true!

Are you trying to attract someone to get naughty with? Are you looking for fun without commitment and hooking up with one of those Victoria’s Secret Models? Well, could be the best sex dating site for you.


This site is owned and managed by Global Personal, an American firm devoted to the wholesale of online dating profiles. But, as a result of their laziness and their desire to earn more money, they are buying thousands of personal ads and profiles from the US. However, you will never meet those faces that appear to be on the site. They are just created in order for them to sell hundreds of thousands in bulk. This is the sole function of their business, for them to be called as one of the best sex dating sites. It is hard to believe that there’s that much money in online dating, especially since they’re offering something other than mainstream services. 



Based on today’s advanced technology and demand of the digital world, I am distracted with’s layout and design. They have a pink color scheme that may come off unimaginative and dull. Though it is easy to navigate because of its general design, that puts everything where you’d expect to find it, but I do not understand why the design and layout of the website were so lame. On the other hand, could be listed as one of the best sex dating sites because their models are designed to facilitate sex. They allow each member to have an easy, snap decision about what they look like. In addition to the menu items, search results are tiled out like album covers on Amazon, which I am not satisfied with. I would never recommend this site and you better not join it. 


The website has set a limit to the maximum number of pictures that you can upload to the site. It’s really hard to get to the bottom of this idea. While they set a limit to the number of photos to be uploaded, many other sites encourage their members to upload more photos without charge. This indeed is a very disappointing feature.  

This site is also offering two different types of membership. For those who want to try the site out free of charge, then choose this. 

Free Membership – you can create your profile, add a photo, search for people by country, create your list of favorites and send unlimited winks. 

And for those who have decided to pay a monthly fee for its service, then it is your choice. 

Paid Membership – you can enjoy all features of the free membership, send and receive private messages, see who has looked at your profile, add multiple photos to your profile, create and read dating diaries, create and watch video profiles. 


It’s up to you to choose from the above membership terms as mentioned. We don’t have any choice but to choose the paid membership for us to be satisfied and avail the good perks given. The essential details of the map search are not really good, the location detectors on a dating site are unsafe, but we are not sure if any of them were this bad. I do not believe that these features are safe, but I do believe that they are entirely ineffective for being even considered as one of the best sex dating sites. The features are created based on the location. In other words, it is not safe since it simulcasts my location at the same time.  Don’t waste your time browsing because it gives you nothing but a waste of time. 


The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Site

You might somehow like the site color scheme because it attracts the user and it is nice to look at.  And also, the site is easy to navigate as you will find access to all the features you have come to expect. Considering that much of’s business model is designed to facilitate sex but yet they pay for a fake profiles thus, being the biggest disappointment for all paid members. I tried to put to the test and it failed so miserably, that it is actually laughable. Do not use this website if you expect to meet people. It does not work and it is definitely not one of the best sex dating sites, I guarantee you. 

If we ignore the profile-buying that has recently done, there will still be a lot of problems on the site.  As you can see, is not one of the best sex dating sites because the prices they offered are too expensive. And for all we know, the one we are connecting with are paid employees of the company. With regards to the map search, it seems like the location detectors on dating sites are not good. It acts like a tracker and it is not safe for everyone, thus making your location known. is constantly assuming that all their members are from different countries. 

Another thing that makes not to be included in the list of best sex dating sites is the result of the tests that we did. When we sent out messages to 200 women, we were excited to see how many emails we will get in return. But we were surprised by the result, only 6 women emailed us back. This is usually a pretty strong indication of how many times we’ll get laid or at least get to go out on a date. And this is what, 3% probability? 

Conclusion needs to have cheaper membership fees. And also, the site needs to improve its quality as well. If they aim to be one of the best sex dating sites, they better improve their search features. I was hoping that this site would be a good one to use to meet people to fool around with, but no such luck, as I did not meet a single person.  No one is sure how many fake profiles are used by the site.  My rating for this website is zero. Do not use this website if you are expecting to meet people, it does not work.  If I were you, never attempt to enter on this website! It is just a waste of time.



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