What Do Women Really Find Sexy In Men?

If women find you sexy, getting laid is easy. Some men play mind games to get a woman’s attention and keep things interesting. But you don’t have to exert that much effort and play mind games if you possess the qualities that women find sexy.

Disclaimer: These are just qualities and attributes most women find sexy in men. You may have them or you don’t, but they don’t guarantee your success in dating.

Physical: In the animal kingdom, females choose mates that look strong and whom are able to fend for themselves. We are all like animals in mating and reproduction. In reality, women have different preferences of what they find sexy in men. These are just some of the most common physical attributes they find sexy.

  1. Height and build – A guy doesn’t need to be too tall or too muscular. As long as he is taller than the girl and his body build is just right – fit and tight. Muscles in the right places and proportional to their height.
  2. Voice – They should sound how they look. A deep and husky voice is sexy.
  3. Eyes – Men adore women with doe and expressive eyes. For women, it’s how men look at them with those very sensual eyes. During eye contact, it’s like they are caught or spellbound with a promise of a very sensual and orgasmic night. Of course, men should stare and look sexily without looking creepy.

Intellectual: Most women love to talk. If you’re smart, then you are sexy. Entice their mind and they won’t be able to resist your charms. Women can look past the physical if you can get and keep their attention. Engage them in interesting conversation and stimulate their minds. Keep them guessing. Keep them interested, but be careful not to sound like too arrogant and all knowing.

However, intellect is not limited to being knowledgeable in nerdy and smart topics. Ask questions. Be genuinely interested in what the other person has to say. The meeting of the minds is a powerful attraction tool. Connect with the mind and the body will follow. The longer the woman stays in a conversation, the better the chances the guy can take her home.

Emotional: Women find it sexy when a guy is not only tough and smart, but also in touch with his emotional side. When we say emotional side, it doesn’t mean they are too sensitive and weepy. It just means that they are secure enough with their sexuality and manliness that they are not afraid to deal with emotions.

  1. Sensitive – Sensitive guys who know what to say, when to say it and how to say it are just so damn sexy!
  2. Attentive – Being attentive to details can be a great way to get what you want from women. If they see that you are attentive and you listen and remember details from your conversations, it increases your sex appeal.
  3. Passionate – A man who is so passionate about something is sexy. It can be about work, his hobbies or whatever he finds interesting. The way he expresses his passion increases his sex appeal. A woman can only imagine how passionate he is in lovemaking and in relationships in general.

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