Possible Reasons Why You Won’t Score A Second Date

First dates are almost always a nerve-wracking experience. Even the most experienced people who have been dating all their adult lives still get nervous during the first date. Who wouldn’t be nervous? There are a lot of things to consider, and a lot of things that might go wrong.

Even if you might have done everything right during your date, it’s still possible that you won’t get another date. Here are some probable reasons why:

1. No chemistry, no spark, nothing.

You’re simply not the one they are looking for in a partner. It could be because the both of you don’t have much in common or because you don’t have that spark.

2. They may think you don’t like them.

You must have sent them mixed signals or signs that you may not like them as much as they like you. Not all people are willing to chase someone that is not on an even playing field of their feelings. If you want a second date without looking too eager, you can subtly let your date know you’re interested in them.

3. They are waiting for you to make the next move or ask for a second date.

Sometimes all it takes is a text or call after the date. But some people just sit and wait for the other to make the first move. If both of you do nothing but wait, nothing will happen. You have to be assertive without looking aggressive.

4. They are just playing the field.

Players keep up with the technology. In the presence of many dating sites and apps, players keep a roster of people they are planning to go out with. Their schedule is always full. If you happen to date a player, don’t be too hopeful that you’d get another date. Consider it as a dodged bullet. It’s enough that you went out with him once. It’s not that hard to spot a player, so be mindful of how they treat you or act during your date. Don’t let them play you by going out with them again.

5. They are not ready to date.

Some people are just not ready to date. What differentiates them from players is that they don’t really intend to date one or different people. Sometimes, they are just lonely and for whatever reason and just wanted to talk to a stranger, maybe to gain fresh perspectives, or just to escape their realities for a while. You can actually tell from the way they talk or the kind of topic the both of you discussed. Oftentimes, they will directly tell you why they went out with you.

These are the most common possible reasons why there would be no second date. Sometimes the first date is enough to assess if you have a future with someone. Just relax and enjoy it. If your date turns out well then good for you. You can expect another or more. If not, use it as experience. You probably learned a thing or two that you can apply to your next dates.

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