How To Make The Most Of Your One Night Stand

Parties, drunken hookups, and other different events often lead to one-night stands. One-night stands can be really fun when you know how to play your cards well. Depending on the situation and the comfort level, one-night stands can either be memorable, or regrettable. Sometimes, waking up next to someone you had sex with the night before is awkward and embarrassing that you’d rather die than repeat the experience. Other times, it’s so good that you want to ask the other person to be your regular fuck buddy.

Making the most out of your one-night stands can make you feel like you are living the best kind of life. Satisfying your primal need can fuel your life energy to succeed in other aspects of your life. Here’s how to do it:
  1. Look for the perfect target

A party is the perfect time and place to look for a one-night stand. Why? Because people are just having fun, dancing and getting drunk. People who party make an effort to look good because even if we all hate to admit it, we want to socialize and meet new people. We want to get ourselves out there and get attention. You always see someone attractive at a party. So zero in on your target and wait for the right time to attack.

  1. Bring your game and prepare for battle.

If you’re a hustler in using different kinds of techniques and game with a 100% success rate of getting laid every time, then good for you. However, for those unfortunate souls who are having difficulty scoring an easy lay, you might want to practice your skills and bring your game. The goal is to have the best one-night stand and make the most of it. Don’t settle. While you are trying to figure out the best candidate among the pool of intoxicated people, they are also doing the same thing.

Make sure you are prepared. Don’t get too drunk and don’t get someone who can barely walk as well. You won’t be able to perform. Also, bring protection or make sure you have one at home. Clean up and make your place sex-ready, please. You want the other person to feel like it’s one of the best one-night stands of their life, too.

  1. Do it and do it well.

Most people consider one-night stands only as a means to an end. This will usually resort to mediocre or bad sex experiences. If you’re going to do it, might as well do it really well and make it memorable. Make your sex partner’s pleasure your goal and they will willingly return the favor.

  1. Try to get to know the person at least.

It’s a one-night stand and you both know that. You don’t have to know the intimate details about the other person, but get to know the basic at least. Make small talk the morning after the deed. It doesn’t need to be long and awkward. It can be short but sweet.

  1. Leave a good impression.

You just had sex with a random stranger last night. It was purely physical, so technically, when you’re both sober the morning after, that’s the only time you really see and talk to the person. Leave a good impression by offering a cup of coffee at least. Who knows? You might end up being friends with benefits. One can never have too many friends with benefits.

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