Extramarital Affairs: Why Do Women Like Married Men?

Adultery, cheating, polygamy and other extra-marital issues are so common and widespread nowadays. We may not be surprised by how common it occurs, but we always wonder why. What is it with married and committed men that women find appealing?

There are different reasons why some women couldn’t resist the charms of married men. Here are some of them.

1. Maturity

Women love the feeling of being taken care of. Mature men know how to handle difficult situations and can take care of things smoothly. Women who are with mature men don’t have to worry about other things because they know everything will be fine and they can just enjoy the good life. These men can give them the mature kind of relationship they’ve been looking for all their life.

2. Social status

Those who are in the higher ranks or social standing, attract those who are not. Men, in particular, can easily get women because of their social status. They can buy women or tempt them to feel like they can be someone important too. They can either feel a sense of belonging or pride that they were able to charm someone famous or reputable.

3. Skills

Mature men have skills honed from years of experience; may it be in bed or in other aspects that other young men still need to learn. Skilled and mature men are sexy. They know what to do and they can do it well.

4. Thrill

Married men usually seek other women or cheat because they want to escape their reality for a while. They want to forget about all the demands of their work and their own stressful life at home. Women, on the other hand, seek married men for a lot of reasons and one of them is the thrill of an illicit affair. There’s some kind of rush from knowing a married man is attracted to you and willing to give you everything because he knows you can give him something his wife failed to give – the appreciation, the willingness to experiment in bed, and a situation that is light and fun.

5. Psychological issues

Most women who agree to have an affair with married men have unresolved psychological issues. It’s not necessarily a mental problem, but mostly “daddy issues”.  This most likely stemmed from growing up in a dysfunctional family without a father figure.

All the things listed above are actually applicable to all genders. Sadly, cheating and extra-marital affairs really do happen and very rampant nowadays. People are weak in the presence of temptation and always want to have fun. The affairs could be a form of escapism and only temporary, or it could be the people involved just don’t care about the families they destroy.

Although we cannot blame everything on technology and the presence of hundreds of online dating sites, we are now living in the world where hookups are openly celebrated. You can easily reach different kinds of people all over the world and there will always be one willing to hook up or have an affair with you whether you’re married or not.

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