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Are you tired of the bar scene and want to have some real discreet sexual action with no string attached? Then we urge you to join the best sex dating sites. You can have all the adult fun you want – dating, fetishes, sexual fantasies, swinging – name it! Anything is possible with the best sex dating sites.

Adult sex dating sites are very popular nowadays, because through these avenues, you get to express yourself openly. There are no restrictions when it comes to nudity, sexuality and fantasies. The best sex dating sites focus more sex, which is liberating for open-minded people who are looking for a good time without the complications of a relationship or emotional attachments.

When it comes to these kinds of dating sites, there are a lot you can choose from. However, be on the lookout whether it is a legit or a scam or a combination of both. It helps when you read reviews such as this and find out which website is perfect for you.

Our team has been searching and joining adult dating sites. Over a period of three months, we signed up for, just to know whether this site is a scam or for real. Based on our experiences, is one of the best sex dating sites we had been to. There is no denying that we had loads of fun and they are 100 percent legit. Read on to know more about this awesome site.


All about

From the name itself, is a place where adults – single or married, gay or lesbian, transsexual or bisexual meet and hook up. Whatever sexual encounters you desire for, this is the perfect place to be. You can explore your sexuality in several ways and the diversified members allow you to have different sexual encounters every time you hook up with someone. Motives and intentions are set as you sign up for a membership, thus every member is aware that people are there for one thing – sex!

  • The Hot Chick

What can be more stimulating than a hot chick guiding you as you navigate the site? The gorgeous blond in a black sexy dress will be asking you sex provoking questions that will make you want to get laid ASAP. The way she asked those questions did not just gave us a hard on, but made us signed up fast.

A little caveat though, you have to turn down the volume if you are navigating the site in your office, otherwise all the men in the room might be stimulated. She can be too loud you know…

Just by landing on their page and navigating the whole site, there is no doubt that can get you laid in no time. The layout is awesome and so are the features like the hot blonde chick. We won’t deny that we really had a good time and had exciting sexual action on this adult site.

  • Chances of Getting Laid

Finding someone to get laid with is really fast and easy like what the site claims. The site has over 64 million members and counting, thus there are numerous people you can hook up with. What’s more amazing is that whatever sexual fantasies you have, such as having wild sex with either a man or a woman or group sex with different kinds of people, members are truly up for it.

Right from the very start you are asked by the hot chick some sexual questions pertaining to your sexual preferences – do you prefer oral sex or anal sex; what positions you like the most, and a lot more – the purpose of these questions is to determine whether you are seeking for a submissive or dominant sexual relationship and this will be taken into account into your personal information so you can be perfectly matched with other members. This narrows down the matches, making it easier for members to connect.

Your sexual rendezvous on the best sex dating sites can be wild and amazing and none of your friends and family have to know about it. Sexual encounters are made discreet and what that happens between members stays within the circle. How cool is that?


  • Money Matters

Although the basic membership allows you to create your own profile, upload videos and photos, send messages to other members and allows basic searches, the silver and the gold membership will be more advantageous if you are up to some frequent banging. Believe us when we say that every penny is worth it. When we upgraded our membership, we were able to hook up with a lot of hot gorgeous ladies who were ready to have some fun in bed.

Silver and Gold memberships allowed us to interact with other members through web chat, video talks, forums and the like. This gave us better chances of getting someone to bang with anytime and anywhere we wanted. Basically, there are members in every city, state and every country in the world. So, don’t just sign up, upgrading your membership is a must!

  • Stimulating Features

With an upgraded membership, you will be able to access the various features that will make your sex life more alive. You will be able to flirt and get dirty with attractive members through instant messaging, emails, video chats, message boards, and forums. You will be able to widen your knowledge about dating and sex by reading blogs and articles on their page. You can even have an access to some of the hottest and hardcore porn 24/7.  What more can you ask for, is really one of the best sex dating sites. is a great place for adults, attached or unattached to hook up and get laid. Just like all the other best sex dating sites, they offer nothing romantic than just getting members to have a casual banging with no strings attached. FYI, this site was voted as the best dating site in 2011 by the Online Dating Council Survey and featured on different shows such as Playboy TV, Howard Stern, and TMZ. Pretty much, this sex dating site is legit.

The Advice

Having casual sex with other people is made easy thanks to the best sex dating sites. But practicing safe sex is still your responsibility. Enjoy having sexual activities with other people, but always be careful. You don’t want to catch an STD or worse, AIDS, right?

Another thing is, never invite someone you don’t really know into your home. There are lots of places you can meet up – parks, hotels, motels and the like. If you want to give your number, give your mobile instead of your home number, it’s a lot safer that way. Lastly, even though you got some kind of chemistry with someone, stay on alert until you fully get to know them well. It’s better safe than sorry.

What We Love About

The thing we love the most about is the number of members willing to hook up and have fun. Obviously, this is where like-minded people come together to have some sexual adventure. Exploring our sexuality through this site had never been more exciting, the members are so liberated and they are up to any kind of sexual encounters without the complication of relationships and emotional connections. But don’t take our word for it, you have to sign up and experience the sexual action we had. What can we say, this definitely one of the best sex dating sites.

What We Hate About

What is there not to love about, it basically has everything that a best sex dating site has to offer. There are literally millions of members to hook up with and more than a dozen of features you can take advantage of. The sexual experiences we had on this site are totally mind blowing, we couldn’t ask for more.

You may have to pay a few bucks to upgrade your membership, but we promise you, every penny is worth it. Honestly, it is actually a small price to pay for the frequent banging you can have through the help of this awesome site. So don’t just sit there – join and get laid all you want.

Our Verdict

Adult dating site is a good way to bring color into your sex life. It is the best avenue to express your sexuality without worrying about the complications of relationships. You can have discreet sex with other people anytime and anywhere you want to. As far as adult dating sites go, had proven to be an exciting way to hook up with other like-minded people. We ranked them number 5 on our list of best sex dating sites for a number of reasons. Their members are so vast and diversified and it is guaranteed that you will get a lot of banging, especially if you upgrade your membership to Silver or Gold. This site may have some drawbacks, but we cannot deny the fact that we had some fun. So, if you are looking for some hot adult hook up – you don’t have to look far, check out

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