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8 Crazy Places To Have Sex That You Should Try At Least Once

Sex in the bedroom? Sure. It could be fun. You can try all the sexual positions that you can possibly imagine, but it would be monotonous and boring after a long while. Your choice of location to have sex can affect the mood and the intensity of the moment. The most popular places to have sex are inside a car, inside a movie theater, and on the beach.

You can have sex anywhere you want to, but for the adventurous and bold, here are some crazy places to have sex with your partner:

1. Fire exit

No one really uses the fire exit …

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Are Online Dating Sites The Most Powerful Tool For Cheating?

Cheating used to be a very immoral sin to commit, especially when you’re married or in a long-term relationship. Everyone detests it. It’s unforgivable. People – especially women, who were caught cheating, were stoned to death during ancient times. They knew the possible consequences of their actions, but still chose to do it very discreetly.

Today, in the presence of modern technology, comes the booming industry of online dating sites and apps. These sites and apps were designed to connect different kinds of people either to find love or simply to hook up online and offline. It’s so easy to reach …

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How To Communicate What You Want In Bed

Communicating what you want in bed is essential in achieving a gratifying sexual experience. However, expressing your wants and desires can be a tad bit difficult and awkward, especially since there is another person involved. If your partner is not as adventurous and open-minded as you are, chances are, it will be hard for you to get exactly what you want because you can’t freely express yourself sexually. In other cases, most men find it hard to accept criticisms about their performance and refuse to take suggestions in bed.

Now how can you communicate what you want in bed effectively without …

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How Commitment Phobia, Intimacy Issues And Codependency Ruin Relationships

These issues are somehow correlated. Like, for instance, if you have intimacy issues, it could be the reason why you are commitment phobic or codependent. These deep-seated fears ruin your chances of a happy life and a bright future with your partner. They won’t allow you to have a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship. We may have the capacity to love someone and accept them for who they are, but eventually get tired of always adjusting and accommodating to our partner’s needs in the long run. They know they have issues, but because they also need love, they won’t tell …

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