How To Handle A Very Sexual Person

There are people who are really in touch with their sexuality and are not afraid to express it. They have a very healthy sexual appetite that some might consider to be too aggressive. Their sexual behaviors can be a little too extreme for people who like to keep it low-key. If your partner is one of them, you might feel like it’s too much for you. You might get too overwhelmed when they tell you what they want in – and even outside the bedroom.

Here are some ways you can deal with it and handle your very sexual partner:

  1. Be open-minded.

Open your mind to possibilities. Don’t judge people who are too sexual, for they might introduce you to things that you haven’t even tried before or even knew existed. You can learn a thing or two and might even discover new things about yourself. This will also help you become in touch with your own sexuality and obtain sexual freedom.

  1. Communicate openly.

If you happen to meet a very sexual person and it’s something new to you, all you have to do is communicate. If you’re not comfortable with their requests, don’t dismiss the idea and reject them immediately. They can be a bit sensitive and you might hurt their egos and self-esteem. Tell them that you are willing to try, but they have to be patient with you. Voice out your concerns and appreciation.

  1. Set-limits

If you’ve tried your best and you feel like you’ve reached your limits, tell them. You don’t have to keep trying if you’re not really happy and comfortable with it. If they are willing to compromise, then it’s good. However, if you want to explore, but also want to set certain limitations, tell them. You don’t want to feel like you’re being forced to do something you don’t want to do because that’s bordering sexual abuse. Say, your partner is into BDSM and you’re not, tell them. Don’t accept all of it half-heartedly because it can be very traumatic for you. Physical pain is temporary, but it can scar you for life.

  1. Walk away if you think it’s really not for you.

Some people find it hard to walk away from a situation they are not really happy to be in. Sure, it’s easier said and done, especially when you love each other. But think about it. You can’t change people. You can influence them, but you can’t entirely change what and who they are. And it’s too much to ask someone to change for you. If they are too sexual for you, then walk away. You’d end up miserable if you stay.


  1. Chalk it up to experience.

If you did walk way, don’t feel bad about it. Use it as experience. Surely you’ve had orgasmic experiences with that person that you won’t ever forget. You’ve learned about things that you like and what really works for you. That’s good. You can now continue exploring with someone that is on the same level as you.

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